Terms & conditions

  1. No warranty for physical damage & burnt case.
  2. Goods once sold are not refundable or exchanged.
  3. No warranty will be accepted without tax invoice.
  4. Compatibility issues are not covered under warranty.
  5. For EOL/no stock products, RMA will be changed to other products with existing market value minus period of usage.
  6. Service for the product min 4-8 weeks, to be decided by distributor or manufacturer only.
  7. Admin fee will be changed for exchanging or refund for the products on case-to-case basis, min. admin charges $30.
  8. For software, no return/refund once sold.
  9. WEREPAIR PTE. LTD. will not be responsible for the loss of any data stored on the hard disk in the process of repair.
  10. All business is transacted subject to the company’s standard trading conditions managed by WEREPAIR PTE. LTD.


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