Casing Replacement

Casing Replacement are frustrating and hinder user experience. We carry a wide range of casing available. This allows us to do replacements on the spot, fast and fuss-free!

On the rare occasion that we don’t have a suitable part in stock, we will be able to order it in for you.

If you are searching for a computer specialist that offers laptop casing replacement service, WeRepair experts have you covered. We provide free islandwide pick up service at your convenience – that’s right, we come to you!

Issues That We Can Help

Lifting and holding the laptop by the top half or display creates unneeded pressure on the hinges. This action may direct pressure to the LCD screen easily resulting in a deformed or cracked screen which is even more likely to happen if your laptop hinge is already in a bad condition.

If your laptop sustained a physical impact due to a fall or knock, it is highly possible that your hinge or the area surrounding it has been compromised due to the case housing being deformed and resulting in the hinge being shifted and not being seated in it’s proper position.

There can be multiple reasons and scenarios leading to a damaged or broken laptop hinge and the result from the damage ranges from a slight imbalance on the top half of your laptop to even major damages on your screen or case – which usually ends up being the case if one were to ignore a minor hinge damage and resuming normal operation using the damaged hinge as it is.

Closing the lid of your laptop from the edges causes extra pressure on the hinges. This can easily create minor hairline stress fractures on the hinge parts every time it is subjected to an uneven pressure and the risk of damage or breaking the hinge will only increase every time this action is repeated.

Placing heavy items on the laptop (open or close) can cause serious damage to the LCD, hinges and case cover. The constant pressure can result in the laptop hinge breaking under the weight or the casing of the laptop to crack near the hinge which exposes the hinge and renders it inoperable. Placing heavy items on your laptop can also cause damage to the CD-Drive, resulting in the drive and possibly the disk that is inside to be damaged.

Type of casing replacement

Has a cracked casing

Damage to internal components such as HDD

Hinges undone due to stress

Laptop lid cannot close

Overheating of your machine

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